Created for Women Spirtial Empowerment and Unity - Company Message
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 Expected Guidelines/Requirements
  • Must be 30 and above
  • Must be 21-29 to join Jr. program
  • Attend all meetings held bi-monthly.
  • Participate and attend annual Meet & Greet.
  • Attend most events.
  • Willing to contribute and/ or help in charity events.
  • Network to others about the good of the group.
  • Be active on Groupme chat without being absent over 48hrs.
  • Be mindful of others before we speak .
  • Remain open minded/ fare to others views and points without being argumentive and overly objective.
  • Respect members and certain angles of privacy.
  • Avoid drama, and disrespect, towards members on chat.
  • Remain loyal and dedicated to our sisterhood.
  • One time $40-$50 membership app and joining fee.
  • $20-$25 monthly membership fee.
  • Membership fee due upon date of application.
  • Remain open to individuals regardless of race / religion
  • All prospective members will be on a 90 day probationary membership
  • You must go through the proper channels with member issues or disputes
  • Members ideas are welcome but must be submitted to the coordinator to be agreed upon by  leading executives.
  • Monthly membership due by the 7th of each month.
  •  A $3 late fee charge will apply each day until the 14th of the month, then applies $10 warning fee.
  •  Yearly dues must be paid in full, or monthly by the same month following year in a timely manner or membership will be revoked.
  • All attire shall be returned upon suspension, termination, & resignation, do to ownership rights of Serenity CrownDivaz logo.